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Fiddler Technical page

Technical Information


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Harvey Tiles_Competitor_SA's Leading Thatch Tile Solution_Fiddler Roofing Products

All accessories are 2m in length. All FIDDLER™ tiles come with a 20 year limited warranty

thatch tile technical information

[The metal steel plate thickness is subject to standard deviation of 0,02mm and the metal tile thickness is quoted as total coated thickness]

How to calculate the amount of roof tiles and accessories required for your roof project

The FIDDLER™ roof tiles require a minimum roof pitch of 16 degrees



Tile quantity calculation

If your roof square meter area is 100sqm

Each square meter requires 2,2 tiles

Take the roof sqm of 100 X 2,2 tiles = 220 tiles

The Theoretical number of tiles required are 220 tiles

Add a tile cutting loss of 10% to the 220 tiles to allow for cutting loss during installation

10% additional tiles to allow for cutting loss = 22 tiles

The total number of tiles required for a 100sqm  roof is: 220 + 22 = 242 tiles

You can thus order 242 tiles



Angle ridge cap calculation

Measure the total ridge lengths on the roof, eg. 60m

Each ridge cap length is 2 meter long

Take the 60m and devide it by 2m = 30 

You will thus theoretically require 30 pieces of Angle ridges

Add additional 10% to allow for overlapping 

Additional 10% = 3 Angle ridges

Your total number of Angle ridges required is:

30 + 3 = 33 Angle ridges

You can thus order 33 Angle ridges


Tools required to fit the FIDDLER™ roof tiles

Do's and dont's when fitting the Fiddler tiles



fiddler tile features

Please note that the FIDDLER warranty is subject to terms and conditions.