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Whether you are a private home owner, a contractor or company, Fiddler Roofing Products has the tile for you.

The Fiddler Product list

  • Shake Tile
  • Angle ridge cap
  • Cover Flashing
  • Sidewall Flashing
  • Barge Board
  • Square Ridge Flashing
  • Repair Kit
  • Nails

Applications for the Shake Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile

Converting thatch roofs to metal tiled roofs is one of the main applications of the Shake Stone Coated Metal Tiles. Thatch roof tiling is done by Fiddler on the roof and various other contractors on new houses where a roof is required or re-roofing an existing corrugated roof. IBR roofs or Corrugated metal sheet roofs can also be re-roofed using the Shake Stone Coated Metal Tile. The Stone Coated Shake Metal Tiles system is maintenance free, meaning you do not have to worry about tiles breaking and requiring replacement every few years or having your thatch roof re-brushed every 2 years.

The Stone Coated Shake Metal Tiles are ideal for new roofs, thatch roof conversions and renovation projects. The stone coated metal tiles finish resembles that of thatch grass and therefore is ideal for lodges, lifestyle estates, golf courses and game reserves. 


Why use the Fiddler Shake Tile?

Maintenance Free

The tiles do not crack or break like ordinary clay tiles.
The tiles have a 30 year warrantee on the protective stone coat layer and spray coating.
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Weatherproof & Durable

The tile can withstand high wind conditions and hail conditions.
The tile can be used inland or at the coast.
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Reduced fire risk

The metal tiles protect the thatch grass on the outside from potential fire risks.
The metal tiles on the thatch grass smolders a fire to a degree.
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Improved security

The tiles are interlocked and nailed together.
The tiles cannot be moved or removed easily by burglars for entry , as is the case with conventional clay tiles.
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The metal tiles only weigh 6kg per square meter.
The metal tiles are 7-8 times lighter per square meter than conventional clay tiles.
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Coastal friendly

 The tile has a zinc alume coating and stone coating protective layer.
The tile has a 30yr warrantee on the protective stone coating layer.
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Reduced material & labour cost

You save 5% on your tile baton expenses and 20% on your accessories bill respectively.
The tile baton spacing is wider, compared to other competitors
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The tiles come with a 30 year protective warrantee.
The stone coated protective layer and the stone colour is under warrantee.
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International Manufacturing Standards

The tiles are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.
Best in class technology is used in the manufacturing process.
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Proven reliability

The Shake stone coated metal tile is used globally.
The Shake stone coated metal tile has been manufactured for over 20 years now.
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