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Maintain the beauty and character of thatch without the maintenance and fire risk. The FIDDLER™ THATCH Tile creates a modern natural long-lasting stone coated metal barrier on your roof.

Fit the FIDDLER™ THATCH tile directly onto your thatch roof without removing the grass or remove the grass and fit foil insulation and the FIDDLER™ tile.

Perfect for any thatch roof renovation or new upmarket estate.

Fiddler™ Thatch Tile Specification

Thatch Tile specifications:

  • Overall length 1 340mm
  • Overall width 420mm
  • Mass per tile 2,6kg
  • Mass per square meter 5,72kg
  • Tiles required per sqm 2,2
  • Colour: thatch brown or grey

Key features:

  • Perfect for fitment on top of thatch roofs
  • No maintenance required
  • Lightweight but very durable
  • Reduced fire risk
  • Interlocking tiles yield high wind resistance
  • Modern exclusive stone coat finish


Convert a thatch roof to a metal tile roof

thatch roof before conversion to tiled roof

BEFORE – high maintenance thatch roof with a high fire risk

AFTER – a new stone coated metal Fiddler Thatch Tile roof with no maintenance with low fire risk

New roofs

roof by fiddler on the roof, authorized harvey roofing contractor

Perfect for eco estates, upmarket estates or developments

Perfect for renovations

Please note that the FIDDLER warranty is subject to terms and conditions. 

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